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Spray Tanning

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We all love the sun and how it makes us feel. Hello Vitamin D! It makes us feel more confident baring our skin in the summer and on vacations.

When I was younger, I loved the look of having a tan. I would spend my Michigan summers trying to achieve the darkest color I could. Not even thinking about the damage it would become later in life — I’m very fair by the way!

Sadly, direct exposure can cause skin to accelerate signs of aging and lead to serious health issues, especially as the sun’s intensity and harmful rays continue to increase. And tanning beds are no better! They burn the outer layer of your skin causing dry, flaking after effects. Now, I’m a strong proponent of sunscreen, hats, umbrellas at the beach or pool, and limiting exposure.

Spray tanning has come a long way from the streaky “orange” color of the past. Airbrush tanning is safe, natural and a healthy way to get the glow we long for. You can achieve this in less than a day, and it will last up to a week. It’s great for special events, vacations or just because we want to look and feel better!

We use only the highest quality, organically sourced, and naturally derived ingredients, including DHA. Our products are free from harmful chemicals such as Parabens, Erythrulose, Urea, and Mineral Oil. You can trust that our products are PETA Approved and Certified Vegan for a safe alternative to sun tanning. To achieve the best results from your spray tan, please read the day-of prep including exfoliation before you come to your appointment.

Spray Tanning Services

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SugarBare Tan


Full Body Spray Tan – with 8 hrs processing time.

SugarBare Rapid Tan


Full Body Spray Tan – with less processing time.

Upper Body Tan


Get a flawless, natural-looking tan that lasts for days or even weeks.

Lower Body Tan


Do you need a little color on your legs so you look good in a specific outfit? Then this service might be just what you need.

Face, Neck and Chest


Are you feeling pale, and just need a little boost of color to make you feel better? This is the perfect service for you.

Before and After


Get sprayed before your event and come back for a second spray after 2 weeks limit booking.

Before and After Rapid


Get sprayed before your event and come back for a second spray after 2 weeks limit booking.


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Spray Tanning – Buy 6 sprays for $250
Rapid Spray – Buy 6 for $300

*One year to use the Spray Tan series.

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Welcome to SugarBare & Bronzed Organic Waxing & Spray Tanning

At SugarBare & Bronzed, we believe that beauty treatments should be simple, safe, and natural. That’s why we offer an organic alternative to hair removal and tanning.