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1. What to expect for my first Brazilian Sugaring appointment?

If this is your first time getting a Brazilian Sugar Wax you should know that the first time is always the worst. What I mean is, having some stranger work on removing hair down there can be a little  uncomfortable for some. Also, pulling your hair out from the root for the first time can hurt more than a returning client.  Trust me, it gets easier the more you stick to coming regularly.

2. How do I prepare for my sugaring appointment?

24 hours before your sugaring appointment try to exfoliate the area that is being sugared. Either with a scrub or a loofah. Don’t use any lotions or creams on the area on the day of your service.

3. Do I need to avoid any activities after my appointment?

You should avoid direct sun exposure at least 12 hours after your sugaring appointment, especially for sensitive areas. 


1. What do I need to do before my Spray Tan?

The first thing is to  make sure you have all your other beauty services completed. Sugaring, waxing, nails, etc.

Next, exfoliate your skin 18-24 hours before your appointment. You can put lotion on after that, but not on the day of your scheduled spray tan.

2. How do I dress for my spray tan?

You can bring your own undergarments or we have disposable bras and panties you can use. Topless is also an option. Fully naked is not recommended by the Sjolie Spray Tanning Solution Company. Bring loose-fitting clothing and flip-flops are the best option for you to dress in after your spray.

3. Will it stain my sheets or clothing?

If the bronzer comes off on your clothing or bed sheets before you shower, it will come out in the wash.

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